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Jakarta dan Jokowi di BBC World News

REP | 23 January 2013 | 21:42    Dibaca: 924   Komentar: 0   0

Berikut ini transkrip reportase tentang banjir Jakarta dan langkah Jokowi dalam penanggulanganya oleh reporter televisi BBC World News Kharisma Bhaswani. Laporan ini ditayangkan dalam program Impact (23/01/2013 pukul 20:00 WIB). Ini adalah berita ketiga –kalau saya tidak salah– dalam beberapa bulan terakhir tentang Jakarta dalam program BBC tersebut (berita sebelumnya tentang revitalisasi kota tua dan banjir besar minggu lalu).

Jakarta, the capital of South East Asia’s largest economy, paralyzed. Floods last week turned even the usually immune central business district into a sea of muddy water, highlighting the basic infrastructure problem Jakarta hasn’t been able to fix for decades.

This man in a red baseball cap surveying the damage is Jakarta’s new governor Joko Widodo. He’s only been in the job for 100 days but is already under pressure to show that he’s up to it.

Joko Widodo: I have declared a state of emergency, we need to take steps that haven’t been taken before like building big tunnels or a big dam. This is the capital city.

Jakarta’s urban poor are undoubtedly the worst affected by the annual flood. This area regularly gets flooded every single year during Jakarta’s annual rainy season. Residents here often complain that nobody pays any attention to them and the problem just keeps getting worse year after year. But this time with a new Jakarta governor in place, someone they feel they help to put to power, many here are hoping things will be different.

Suhendra has lived here for decades and says his home and small shop are inundated with flood waters every year. But he’s convinced that Mr. Widodo will look after those who help him get into power.

Suhendra: I’m not dissappointed in him yet. He’s only been in the job for three months not a full year. But i hope he can solve the flood problem.

But it’s not jut flood the new governor has to deal with. Never ending traffic jams are a part of daily life in Jakarta. To fix this, Mr. Widodo has recently announced plans to build a mass rapid transport system. But do Jakartans think it will solve the problem?

Resident I: It seems to me that the monorail or MRT will be for the benefit of the rich people not the poor people.

Resident II: I think it’s a great idea because there are too many cars and motorcycles in the city. There’s not enough space.

Mr Widodo is constantly on the local news. People here see him as a hero. But always being in the spotlight has its disadvantages. If he doesn’t act fast to fix Jakarta’s problems, he risks disappointing the people who are counting on him to make a difference.

Kharisma Bhaswani, BBC News, Jakarta.

Sumber: BBC World News.


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